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Top 5 Unique Recreational Activities for Families

Are you looking for a recreational activity that stands above the crowd? Well, lucky for you because there are unique recreational activities that are perfect for families who are looking for a new adventure. These recreational activities are entirely different from activities you used to know about. This just means that you’re going to enjoy more than you did before. Check out the top five unique recreational activities for families.

  1. Geocaching treasure hunt

Level up your treasure hunting experience with geocaching! It’s an outdoor activity wherein you have to look for particular containers that are filled with random things that people have placed. Their official website, will give you a list of the locations that are near your local area. In looking for the container, you can use the GPS track of your phone. These treasures are usually found under the bench, inside a hollow of an old tree, or hidden beneath the rocks. There is a logbook on the container that will let you write your experience in looking for the containers. Of course, after you’ve written down your own, you should put it back where you’ve found it.

Geocaching is super fun, especially if you plan on hiking. It provides thrill and excitement and let other treasure hunters find your container as well.

  1. The hot-air balloon on Sunday!

Not all people have a chance to ride a hot-air balloon. And despite the fear of heights or falling, once you are up in the sky, the magnificent view of the lush forest, calm waters, and the life below will take your breath away. You can find a hot-air balloon riding services in any state that you’re going to visit. Just make sure that you’re going to choose an incredible landmark so that you can enjoy while you’re up there. However, in riding a hot-air balloon, there is a minimum age requirement for safety purposes. This is ideal if your kids have grown up and you don’t have small children running around anymore.


  1. Harvest your fruits for picnic

If you love picnics, this is a must-try activity. Picking your apples and cranberries on a farm excites the kids and gives you a brand new experience. Aside from that, you can challenge yourself in creating a recipe out of the fruits that you are going to harvest. November is the best month to harvest cranberries, the perfect time for cranberry sauce and pies! The excess amount of fruits that you’re going to harvest can also be used for Thanksgiving Day but what’s more important is that you get to enjoy the whole process of harvesting fruits that you’re going to eat.

  1. Explore your hometown!

Because why not? Exploring your hometown can provide you a new experience despite the same old view that you are waking up every morning. Contact your National Historical Society and see what your town has to offer. You could never know, but once a hero died on the spot that you are standing right now. Why not visit the cemetery and search for the oldest tombstone without the help of staff? Your town has so much to offer, each of them providing unique tales and legends that you might have never heard about despite years of living in your hometown.

These top four unique recreational activities can help you unwind and discover the real beauty of life. You don’t have to spend thousands of money on a luxurious cruise ship or traveling to France when you can enjoy peculiar yet exciting activities in your local area. What are you waiting for? Try this now!


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